Vespa Capital acquires Capitole Group alongside Salim Sekkat and the managers


The Capitole Group is a private education and training institute that specialises in providing academic support and helping students to prepare for the most selective post-baccalauréat exams and competitions, as well as vocational training.

Managed by Salim Sekkat since 2017, the Capitole Group generated revenue of €6m in 2020. The Group has historically operated in Paris. Since 2016, Capitole has grown with a number of new branches opened in France (Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux and Marseille).

The company has experienced strong growth over the past three years and accelerated its development with a 25% increase in revenue in 2021. Capitole has demonstrated its resilience in times of crisis thanks to its efficient structure and its high level of responsiveness. The group supported almost 2,000 students in 2021.

Salim Sekkat is aiming to grow the business in new cities in France, in neighbouring French-speaking countries and through partnerships with leading foreign universities, such as the partnership recently entered into with UCLA, the prestigious Californian university.

This geographical roll-out is being combined with the acceleration of the digital transformation of the Group, whose online offering is geared to the new expectations of students and professionals undertaking training courses.

Salim Sekkat and two Group managers chose to seek investment from Vespa Capital for this key stage in the group's growth in the form of an LBO.

Speaking about the transaction, Salim Sekkat says, “Vespa Capital is a real springboard for Capitole Group. Their investment will allow us to pursue our growth plan with boldness, confidence and independence. As a result of this transaction, Capitole Group has the financial resources it needs to accelerate its growth and ensure its long-term future while remaining true to its DNA: excellence through personalised support and close proximity to students.” 

According to Jean-Valmy Nicolas, Denis Leroy and Kenza Moumni, “We very rapidly became aware of the quality and potential of the Capitole Group. After several months of working alongside Salim Sekkat, we are delighted to be supporting the group in a new stage in its development led by the manager and his teams.

The quality of its management team and its highly effective operational structure, which are conducive to strong growth, make it a typical investment for Vespa Capital.”