About us

Founded in 2009, Vespa Capital is an independent investment fund managed by entrepreneurs


We are entrepreneurs. We understand the issues and problems of companies and focus on their long-term development and job creation.

We respect the DNA of each company. We build tailor-made operations, adapted to the situation and projects of their managers.

We are independent. All decisions are taken by Vespa team, which ensures responsiveness, agility and pragmatism.


The relationship of trust between Vespa Capital and the Management is based on a mutual respect and a perfect alignment of interests. Vespa team is the main investor of the fund sharing the risks with the Management.

Management runs the business autonomously without any operational involvement from Vespa Capital. We exercise our role as a financial partner by supporting the Management in good faith. 

As proof of this trust, several managers of our current and former investments are now investors in Vespa Capital.


Vespa Capital is a growth accelerator for companies.

The team, which has invested in more than 60 companies over 30 years, has extensive experience.

We support a limited number of companies in order to devote time to them. We listen to the managers.

“Supporting management teams and SMEs in their growth is a captivating and exciting job, which we do with a great deal of listening, determination and perseverance.”


Jean-Valmy Nicolas, Managing Partner

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