Our approach

Vespa Capital follows a responsible investor approach and considers its ESG responsibility to be a fundamental tool in the long-term success of its companies. Vespa Capital's investors are convinced that growth based on non-financial environmental, social and governance criteria is a key factor in value creation and differentiation.

Since 2022, Vespa Capital has been a signatory of the UN PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment).


Responsible investor approach


Vespa Capital supports the energy transition and the protection of the environment in connection with its investments through various initiatives such as promoting the sourcing of supplies by its companies from local businesses or encouraging responsible consumption practices through waste sorting, recycling and reduction procedures.


The development of human capital and the balanced management of human resources is a key factor in the success and sustainability of the companies in which Vespa Capital invests. Vespa Capital seeks to attract and retain the best performing employees while promoting social diversity and offering healthy working conditions with competitive pay and career prospects, in a fulfilling working environment.


Vespa Capital continually ensures that interests in each of its transactions are aligned by involving not only companies’ managers but also their employees in sharing in the value creation. Vespa Capital approaches its transactions based on trust and transparency, and ensures that all stakeholders are involved in making strategic decisions, in particular at meetings of supervisory committees.



Vespa Capital's responsible investor approach takes the form of an initial sector filter based on ethical, moral and environmental criteria. Vespa Capital systematically carries out ESG due diligence on each investment during the acquisition phase.

Vespa Capital's managers and investors then jointly identify areas for improvement and value creation that meet sustainability criteria and carry out annual monitoring on each of the companies in the portfolio.


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