A world-renowned player in geoscience

Status : in the portfolio
Investment date : 2024
Transaction type : OBO
Turnover 2023 : €10m
Head office : Clapiers

Founded in 2007, Eliis is an editor of seismic interpretation software for companies in the energy sector.

The software PaleoScan developed by Eliis teams enables 2D and 3D modeling of the geological structure of the subsurface from seismic images.

A world-renowned player, its know-how and technology meet now the challenges of the energy transition, with the search for new energies such as geothermal and hydrogen, and the identification of CO2 storage sites.

« With this first LBO in the history of Eliis operated by Vespa Capital, we aim to consolidate our position in the field of subsurface modeling, with a particular focus on the energy transition. In particular, we intend to focus our development efforts on CO2 storage, for which our software solution is particularly well-suited. »


Fabien Pauget, Founder of Eliis

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